Life habits necessary for health care

In the impression of many people, health preservation is to go to the health care hall or take expensive supplements to be considered as health preservation, so as to achieve the effect of health preservation. In fact, otherwise, health preservation can be very easy and cheap, as long as you pay attention to the details of life and good habits of health preservation.
1. Extend legs to lubricate knees
If you sit in the office all day, the knee joint will lack the "lubricant" of joint fluid, which is easy to cause knee pain. Sit on the chair, straighten your legs, keep your heels off the ground, tighten the quadriceps above the knee, relax after 2 seconds, repeat this for 5 times, and it will play a role in lubricating the knee joint.
2. Smell the apple to relieve anxiety
Studies have shown that the taste of green apples can help eliminate anxiety. Other studies have found that smelling apples can relieve headaches. The researchers speculate that this may be because the taste of apple can relax the head and neck muscles.
3. Drink coffee and cinnamon to relieve pressure
Cinnamon is a kind of perfume rich in antioxidants. It has been found that cinnamon can reduce blood pressure and relieve pressure.
4. Exercise listening with music
First, turn the music to the right volume (at which you can still have a normal conversation); then, try to pick out the sound of one of the instruments. This exercise gives you the ability to distinguish the details of everyday sounds.
5. When exercising, it's easier to stick with mints
Research has found that the smell of peppermint can change people's sensitive perception of the length of exercise, so that you won't feel difficult to stick to when you exercise for a long time.
6. Stand at the corner and stretch your shoulders
If you need to sit in front of the computer for a long time, please stand up and walk to the corner to do some stretching exercise. Lift your hands parallel to your shoulders, and hold your elbows and forearms against the two walls at the corner of the wall. Lean as far as possible to the inside of the corner to relax the shoulder back and chest muscles, and hold for 15 seconds.
7. Take multivitamin to prolong life
To supplement the insufficient vitamins and minerals in the diet, taking multivitamins is a relatively quick way. Make sure you take 400 international units of vitamin D a day, because the Internal Medicine report says that this dose of vitamin D can reduce the risk of early death by 7%