Simple and practical life style of cancer prevention

Cancer has always been the most headache of human disease. In addition to the improper diet can cause cancer, the quality of daily life habits will also affect the risk of cancer, so in daily life, we need to develop good habits, the following health has a way to introduce some simple and practical life methods of cancer prevention.
One, chew a meal 30 times.
Peng Yifan told reporters that there are surveys that show that people who eat whole meals are more likely to suffer from gastric cancer. More chewing can reduce the burden of food on the digestive tract and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancer. In addition, the University of Georgia experiment found that saliva has a strong "detoxification" effect, which can make the toxicity of aflatoxin, the culprit of liver cancer, almost disappear in 30 seconds. Therefore, according to the calculation of chewing once a second, it is better to chew 30 times for a meal to have the anti-cancer effect.
2. Drinking soy milk can prevent "female cancer".
According to the American Association for cancer research, women who drink soy milk regularly have a significantly lower risk of breast cancer. Nutrition experts told reporters that this is because there is a very estrogen like substance in soybean milk, called "soybean isoflavones", which can play a role of falsehood, and the mechanism of anti-cancer drugs is very similar. It has a preventive effect on all cancers related to estrogen, such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer.
However, nutrition experts remind that people who already have these cancers, it is better not to drink soy milk, so as not to stimulate the formation of cancer cells. In addition, people with peptic ulcer, gastritis and gout should also drink less. It's best to drink the soymilk that you grind. Many of the products sold on the street are made of soymilk powder. The content of soybean isoflavones is very low.
3. Wipe your back with a dry towel.
In Japan, there was a wave of back wiping with dry towels. Professor Mizuno, vice president of Tokyo University, pointed out that this can play a role in cancer prevention, because friction and heat can activate a cell in the subcutaneous muscle tissue of the back, which can devour and destroy cancer cells. For the middle-aged and old people, whether it is rubbing, rubbing or scratching the back, it is a good health care method. Or use both ends of the dry towel to rub the whole back for about 10 minutes in the straight or horizontal way until the skin is red and hot.