Small movements that can help your health

In daily life and work, you may be too busy to have time for physical activities. What should you do? In fact, in daily life, people often inadvertently do these small movements, which can bring instinctive chain reaction to the body, such as the following small movements, which have some special fitness effects.
Healthy action: yawn
Yawning is a physiological need of the body. It is a signal of nerve fatigue, indicating that excitement is about to or has reached its peak, reminding people that they should take a rest at this time. In addition, yawning helps to relax the eye muscles, promote the blood circulation of the eyes, and make the eyes feel brighter and more comfortable.
Healthy little action: Stretch
In just a few seconds, stretching can drive a lot of stagnant blood back to the heart, increase blood circulation and improve blood circulation. In addition, stretching can dredge the blood vessels in the neck, so that it can smoothly deliver blood to the brain, so that the brain can get sufficient nutrition, so as to alleviate fatigue and boost the spirit. In addition, it can make the whole body muscles, especially the waist muscles, exercise in rhythmic stretching, gradually develop and strengthen, prevent the strain of the waist muscles, correct the excessive forward bending of the spine in time, and maintain the body-building shape.
Healthy small action: chest expansion
When people are tired after work, they may as well do some chest expansion. This can not only exercise the chest muscles, but also increase the vital capacity, improve the respiratory function, and improve the quality of work and life. At the same time, expanding the chest makes the chest muscles move, stretch and stimulate the thymus, and promote it to secrete more immune substances, so as to improve the anti-cancer ability.
Healthy movements: deep breathing
Deep breathing can increase the ventilation and ventilation capacity of the lung, increase the oxygen saturation of the blood, and promote the organs and systems of the whole body to give full play to their functions. In addition, it can also promote the blood circulation of the lung, which is conducive to the smooth discharge of residual gas and other metabolites in the lung.
Healthy little action: sneezing
Many people don't know that sneezing can cure diseases. A few sneezes can make people sweat all over and feel refreshed. Some Chinese herbal medicines with special smell are often made into powder and used to "sneeze" with their noses to treat influenza, migraine, eye disease, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis and other diseases.