Talent advantage

More than 60% of Weida's staff organizations are "post-80s" young people,

Bloody, thoughtful and innovative

They are avant-garde in concept, modern, active in thinking, brave in facing difficulties and challenges,

Can make every customer have a satisfactory home.


Brand advantage

Weida company is now building a brand: from construction to, materials, services... Every link is strictly controlled.

Weida in development will speak with its own quality and service, so that every customer can be satisfied


Construction superiority

Weida's technical workers have more than 10 years of working experience and excellent construction technology.

Weida technical workers,

All must go through the company unified overall training, otherwise the company will not hire.

At the same time, the company also has quality control in the construction process,

Each process must be checked and accepted before the next process can be continued.


Service advantages

Weida's service concept is "your satisfaction, my pursuit"

Weida company solemnly promises: in case of any problem, the company will reply within 24 hours;

48 hours to solve: the same cooperation is the model room.

Now the company has launched a new 5-year free warranty