Best time to drink milk and health tips

Many friends regard drinking milk in the morning as the most important thing at the beginning of the day. Milk is drunk, but do you know how much milk to drink, what milk to drink, and when to drink it? In fact, these small details directly affect the nutritional absorption quality of milk we drink. How to drink milk?
When is milk good?
Milk can be used as a basic food for people. It can be eaten with three meals a day and can be drunk with three meals a day. What if I can't drink so much? Xiaobian suggests that if you drink one bottle a day for breakfast, two bottles a day for the morning and evening, you can also drink at the time outside the three meals according to your personal habits, but you should first eat some food rich in starch before drinking, so that the milk has a longer stay time in the stomach, which is conducive to the comprehensive absorption and utilization of nutrients. That's why it's not good to feed on an empty stomach. "It's OK in the morning, in the middle and in the evening. It's best to drink after dinner.".
How much milk do you drink every day?
As a kind of food with high nutritional value, it is difficult to play its due role when drinking less, and it is difficult to digest, absorb and utilize when drinking more. The daily milk consumption should be determined according to age, work consumption and economic conditions. Generally speaking, adults should drink 400-500ml a day, that is, two bottles (two bags) of milk, but at least 250 ml, that is, one bottle (one bag) of milk. Economic conditions permit the best three bottles (three bags) is about 750 mL, but it is better not to exceed 1000 ml. In short, it is "guarantee one bottle, strive for two bottles, preferably three bottles, no more than four bottles".
How to drink milk to have loose bowels to do?
"From less to more slowly add, change to drink yogurt for the best.". Some people are not used to drinking milk and do not adapt to the body. They often have abdominal distention, slight abdominal pain and diarrhea after drinking. This is a kind of "lactose intolerance", while there are more people with "lactose intolerance" in Asia. The ways to overcome: first, gradually increase the milk consumption from less to more to induce the production of lactose catabolic enzyme and adapt to it; second, change to sour milk, because most lactose has been decomposed after fermentation by Lactobacillus. It can be said that yogurt is more suitable for Oriental drinking dairy products.
How about sour milk?
Sour milk is a kind of dairy product with special flavor after fermented by Lactobacillus. It can increase part of vitamins and bioactive substances. Its nutritional composition is more perfect than milk and more conducive to digestion and absorption. The living Lactobacillus in yoghurt can also promote the harmonious balance of human intestinal flora and the discharge of toxic and harmful substances, which has a certain function of disease prevention and health care. Some people call it "the scavenger of intestines", others describe it as "sour, sweet, first love like feeling". However, it should be noted that before drinking, do not heat, do not take antibiotics at the same time, and do not feed infants.