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WDB-040 Electric operating table


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Operating table



Product description: 
Electric Operating Table is designed for all kinds of operations in hospitals. Besides all functions of the Chinese-built operating tables. It has its own advantages:
1. Leg section can be rotated, opened, disassembled and adjusted easily. It is most suitable for the urological operation. 
2. The table top, made of highstrength plastic plate, can move backwards and forwards, X-ray examination can be carried out on it.
3. With 24V direct supply, the table is safe and reliable. The table's elevation, lowering, reversed trendelenburg; trendelenburg , lateral tilt are all automatically controlly by the Button. 
4. This table can be disposed different kinds of table tops for different use.
5.The ascending and descending movements, lateral tilt movements,reversed trendelenburg, trendelenburg movements adn backward and forward movements of the table top are all electrically operated.
Electric Operating Table is one of the most advanced operating table with excellent functions in China. Availabe for the Model C arm. 
The back section and the leg section of Model JHDS-99A is equiped with the barometric Pressure spring. Senior PY foam material is optional for mattress.


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